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March 17 2018

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Surprising Ways To Use A Storage Space

Most people who rent Storage Units in Bronx NY are preparing for a move, clearing out space, or maybe housing an inheritance. Most people find renting storage space to be a cost-effective alternative to enlarging a home and a perfect solution for temporary storage needs. But there are quite a few less conventional things to do with a storage unit if the owner allows it. The following are some of the most surprising things that people are doing with their storage spaces these days.

Band Practice Space

Some Self Storage Facilities in the Bronx allow bands to rent units for practice space. Instead of upsetting the neighbors with loud noise, band members can meet in a more secluded storage facility and practice to their hearts' content. It's a good idea to insulate the walls with Styrofoam, however, in case other renters have the same idea. Just make sure the facility is air-conditioned and has electrical outlets that customers can access.

Mini Art Studio Or Gallery

Self Storage Units can also function as studio space for artists. While art students can usually get studio space at school, non-students have to find places to work, and home is not always an option, due to limited space and distractions. A storage unit can offer quiet, uncluttered space where a painter or sculptor can work in peace. Painters should make sure to rent a climate-controlled unit, since paint must be kept between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Some artists use also storage spaces as places to display their work for potential customers.

Emergency Cache

Whether preparing for an apocalypse or the next big storm, many people see value in collecting water, food, and medical items. Self Storage Units in Bronx can be a great place to keep an emergency cache. Survival experts recommend having at least some items stored away from home in case a disaster occurs while the resident is out or in case the emergency goods at home are compromised. Climate control is crucial to safe storage of canned goods.

Private Gym

Using a storage unit as a private gym is a growing trend these days. Many people would like to work out but don't have space at home for the equipment they want to use and don't want to join a gym. People who use storage units as gyms or private yoga studios usually cover the floor with mats in order to protect their equipment. It's also important to make sure the facility is climate controlled and provides electrical outlets for equipment.
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